better decisions

Candidate for Councillor, Division 5, Rocky View County

Better decisions

Lakes of Muirfield sewage. For 7 years Rocky view county was in a money losing agreement with the Lakes of Muirfield Development in Wheatland County. This money losing venture went on for 7 years at a cost of $250,000 for a total of $1.75 million.

Waste and sewage levies. Water and sewage levies introduced in 2006 were based on acres of development rather than water and sewage usage. It wasn't until 2013 that the levies were increased and changed to be based on usage of water and sewer facilities.

Cochrane Lakes Flooding. After 4 years of doing nothing to address rising water levels council was going to impose a Local Improvement Tax on the residents to install infrastructure to stabilize water levels. Fortunately a Councillor was pressured by local residents to look for alternatives and was able to work with Alberta Environment and Parks involved to fund both emergency and long term solutions to the problem.

These mistakes were eventually corrected but for several years and not before millions of dollars were lost. It also notable that in each of these cases it was relatively new councilors that brought a fresh perspective and more analytical thinking to the problem. If we elect Councillors that are more qualified to make these decisions they would not let the mistakes go on so long.

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