Part Timers

Post date: Sep 27, 2013 7:18:6 PM

A Councillor outside of division 6 has suggested voters exclude candidates that would continue working at their current careers from consideration for election as Rocky View Councillor.

Since John’s involvement with the Reform Party in the early 1990’s he has been interested in smaller government. Even then he believed part time politicians can stay better grounded to real world issues than a political elite without real world jobs.

Many cities and counties in Alberta have part-time councillors. Airdrie with almost the same population as RVC has a full time mayor and part time councillors. The Wood Buffalo municipality that includes Fort McMurray has 10 part time councillors covering a population double that of Rocky View and a land area almost 20 times larger than RVC. Even 17 of the United States have part time legislatures.

Furthermore the pool of potential councillors is greatly reduced if you consider only people without existing jobs or ones that pay less than $41,988 per year (presuming people do not wish to take a job with reduced salary) would run in the election. This salary excludes nearly anyone with a post secondary degree and a few years experience, most trades people, successful business people and farmers, and many others.

John believes we need to attract as many part time councillors that have demonstrated success in their existing careers and endeavors and have the training that can help them evaluate the economic impacts of their decisions. If there are conflicts between full time jobs and being a Rocky View Councillor every effort should be made to adjust the Rocky View schedule rather than exclude talented people from even attempting to serve their communities.